handmade pottery

Welcome to Black Oak Art

Welcome to our new blog - a space to articulate and celebrate our art, business, process, and life. We hope to give you a glimpse into our studio in Waco, TX and showcase the beauty of each handmade piece, carefully developed and shaped by a talented team of local artists. It’s been our goal from the very beginning to create a workplace for artists to learn and to grow and try and develop their own creative ideas too.

Here you will find photos, interviews, and a look behind the scenes into our work, but also our team. We plan to feature the gifted local artists in our studio through a series of blog posts and photos and we invite you to join us in welcoming and appreciating each one.

At Black Oak Art we create affordable, quality handmade goods with special attention to both form and function that enrich people’s daily lives. Each of our team members strives to protect the beauty of the process and the fluidity of the clay, allowing each piece to take its own unique shape. Stay tuned for a behind the scenes look into our work and our team!